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Uber Lube Package
50ml Uber Lube Bottle

überlube is a “fun” company we came across founded by entrepreneur Stephen Magnusen. At überlube, all they do is make überlube. When you just make one thing, you get really good at it. Their website states “We believe in focus and simplicity-we are focused on doing one thing right, every time: producing the best personal lubricant on the market”, one that doesn’t leave a sticky residue after the job is done. 

They batch, test, and bottle überlube in their Chicago-area facility, with their own workers. No outsourced or inferior product here. It’s American-made.

Want to know something else? It’s not just for sex! They also say that “Ultimately when you use überlube you are using a product that’s all about helping you feel and be your best, whether you are enjoying a romp with your partner, hitting mile 19 of your marathon, or putting on the finishing touches for an evening out. Simply put, überlube’s first job is to make you feel amazing. That’s why we say ‘feeling is everything,’ and why we expect you’ll agree after trying our product.” Yes, it can be used in your hair, and to prevent chaffing during athletic events.

You can get travel-sized bottles or regular sized 50ml or 100ml bottles. Check out their site for more info!

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