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We just came across Green Goo, a plant-based body care and first aid brand. They are also a women-owned, family-operated business, and a B-Corp certified company. How cool is that?!

All of their products are made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. According to their story, they started small, making products for friends, family, and the local farmer’s market, and have now grown into a thriving, value-driven company. Their mission is to make organic products more available and more affordable, while educating the world on sustainable business and healthcare practices.

Wildcraft Hand Sanitizer by Green Goo
Unscented Hand Sanitizer by Green Goo

We fell in love with their product line originating with salves – First Aid, Dry Skin, Pain Relief, and Skin Repair. They’ve expanded into additional categories such as castile soaps, hand sanitizers, bath salts, Mama + Baby products to name a few. 

Located in Colorado, their spirit for quality, nature, health and wellness can be felt through everything they do from their products to their website. 

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