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Ever been to Brooklyn, New York? You might have come across Buttered by Kenya. If not, we’ve got you as we just learned about her brand of skincare products!

The story of Buttered By Kenya began with CEO’s Kenya Heyliger fascination with beauty and skin essentials. What began out of a need to find an alternative to perfume for natural skincare, blossomed into a passionate play of beauty for all. Kenya, a model and actress understood the value of having great skin and that should be afforded to everyone. Not all skin is created equal, and Buttered By Kenya’s solution to this is using only the best natural ingredients which aids in products being ultra-moisturized, 100% free of cruelty, harmful synthetic chemicals – hence the company name.

What makes her innovative is their focus on function for everyday, anytime use. Their site states, “it’s mild enough for sensitive skin, the body butter is the ideal alternative to perfume and cologne. Custom made to order, with no toxins, Buttered By Kenya assists with the treatment of dry skin, eczema and minor burns. Filled with rich antioxidants and vitamins, including vitamin E and vitamin F. The body butter also can be used to fade dark spots, scars, skin discolorations, stretch marks and wrinkles. A sensuous aroma will leave you smelling and feeling pampered. With all those elements why wouldn’t you want to be buttered?”

Buttered By Kenya – a clean, luxurious all-natural skincare line sold exclusively online at www.butteredbykenya.com and is also available at Amazon and Etsy respectively.

Buttered By Kenya, skincare without the junk, handmade with love in Brooklyn.