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We came across Puerto Rico’s Finest, offering premium CBD and D8 health and wellness products and loved their products and story. Founder and CEO Duane Dennis started the company by going to Porta Cordillera, the Mountainous Countryside of Puerto Rico, with a vision of bringing the freshest, high-quality hemp products at affordable prices while also working on spreading the benefits of cannabis and hemp.

He founded Puerto Rico Organic Farms and Finca Montes LLC, the largest organic and sustainable hemp farm in 2019, then pursued his aspiration and launched Puerto Rico’s Finest in the same year.

They work with local farms by working with underutilized land to make their products. The company rents land that is not being used and in return, 10% of sales go back to land owner helping boost the economy and the daily lives of people in the community. The company does not use distributors and instead employees their own team from farm to fulfilment. Truly remarkable for a small company!

Porta Cordillera’s tropical climate and fertile ground produce amazing beans. Hence, Puerto Rican coffee is notorious worldwide for its delectable smooth and sweet taste. It’s the reason why Puerto Rico’s Finest artisan, gourmet organically-grown CBD coffee is one of their best selling products. As coffee lovers ourselves we wanted to their product with you.

Their coffee is a morning picker-upper that you must-have. It has caffeine that’s synergistic with hemp extracts, which increase your alertness and concentration. So, it’s a great way to start your day!

Want to try their coffee products? Learn more.

Hemp Coffee Whole Bean

In addition to a vibrant and tasty coffee product, Puerto Rico’s Finest has several collections of Flowers, Smoke & Vape, Oils, and Wellness products making for a full and diverse line of CBD and D8 products. Check it out the site!

Stormy Daniels Hemp Flower
D8 Flower Pre-rolls
Delta-8 Oil
Hemp Cigarettes
Hemp Ground Coffee

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